Trip Start at 7:00 Am to 2:00 Pm Visiting Camel Market and the Ancient Town See the Bedween People Including Soft Drinks All Trip For

   45 Euros For person …  And if you Want to Have Lunch It would Cost 10 Euros More  for person

If you Want More Quite , Peace , Relax And Fresh Air We Recommend that trip

To book please email

Or telephone Emad 00201013039359

And Its Around 270 KM from Marsaalam And 330 KM From Marsaalam Airport .

And It’s A Great City you Have Never Forget



It is a trade city,



Africa forum with Egypt. African traders come from Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and all Africa. Animals

such as camels, goats, spices and oils to the city



waiting for the Egyptian merchants. The Egyptian merchants come with household appliances,



sweets, sweets and all the factories of Egyptian 


factories. They exchange goods with African traders from Sudan and Ethiopia. It is a trade exchange city


To book please email


Or telephone Emad 00201013039359