In this area of Egypt, you can find dolphins and rare wildlife under the sea, along with islands,

mangrove trees, long stretches of white sand beaches and amazing birds soaring above you.

 … Qulaan Islands stretch over a bay that is divided into


The beaches of Marsa Alam still retain their own nature and pristine properties. For example, “Al Qalaan

and Hankourab” is one of the beaches of the valley of beauty, which attracts the attention of all the

visitors of this city, 280 km from Hurghada. These beaches have clear water and soft sand, as well as

highlands that paint an innovative painting Her beauty.


Environmental researcher Ahmed Ghalab, director of the Red Sea Reserves, says Hankourab is an area

with a unique beach and visitor services that do not disturb the nature of the place, and tourists flock to

enjoy the beauty of its beaches.

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