Kite Surf


The Red Sea water attracts hundreds of tourists from the lovers of the exercise of excitement and adventure of different nationalities, to practice the


«Kite Surf» where the training centers and practice of the game was held in various tourist villages beginning in 2000, especially the areas of   


Marsaalam and Kite Village , The various nationalities to increase the number of practitioners at the global level and has an international and


continental union and organize several international tournaments. Kite Village  has enjoyed the beaches and speed in the wind to be the most


important areas of practice for the game and its people, where hosted Hamata World Championship and Africa and participated in the most famous


stars of the game globally.



I would not be exaggerating if I said that kite Surf is an exciting century sport

When this sport began at the beginning of the century, the Lund Surf was the undisputed master of marine sports


But gradually began to withdraw the simplicity of the Kat because of this sport of pleasure to the extent of madness

In less than 10 years attracted lovers of all ages, women and even children and became the international competitions and became obsessed with

this sport sweeping the world from the end to the below until the industry itself has seen a big jump and became the largest company in the world

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