Hamata Three Island Trip

At the beginning: Hamata area is located in the south of Cairo and is 950 km away, 450 from Hurghada airport and 250 from Marsa Alam, which is the 


most beautiful for diving lovers. There are beautiful and rare coral reefs

Over the days of the trip we move to several sites within the Red Sea, specifically from the area of ​​Hamata.

The Trip Start From your hotel To Hamata Bye Private Modern Car And Start with your Boat Visiting Three  Islands And Snorkeling 2 Times On the Best 2 Spots Have Corals And A lot of Fish Kind’s  and Have your Fresh Lunch And Including all your Soft Drinks All Trip Just For 35 Euros For Person Including Everything …And you Cans Dive Too For Cheap Prices …

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Type of fish

: We start in the spot of the great Aboglawa and the small spot of Aboglawa where there is usually located in this place the fish Alkramip and improved


and feeling and this region is characterized by the best areas for diving. When we moved from Aboglawa we pass on the areas of Stayh al-Barr and 

Mtayih the people and is specialized for the trolling.


As well as the area of ​​Maqdod and Qwaiyat and these areas are not for dotting, but for trolling.



Best dotting sites

The spots of Safaga, Bajul and Al-Shahr are very distinctive in the modernity of the abundance of fish throughout the season.

For a period of 6 hours inside the sea, specifically Ras Banas region is one of the best fishing areas of all types of fish: the camel is similar to the 

gourd, feeling, venus, peach and spice, which is a very delicious fish, knight, riffa, coral, venus and epilepsy, and this pond needs patience and great

accuracy as Its tone is very light and it can not be felt. It is located at a depth of 100 to 120, as a beautiful fish for broth, but one must be careful of its

prick when it is caught and dangerous fish are its owls, the ginkets, the palms, and the fish, The best fish for the fisherman to use, the catcher, the

machete, b Agoul, and Sijan.


: The season starts in May and the fish are abundant and vary in June and July and fish are very delicious, especially «Alngel» similar to grouper, and

fish are not found in Cairo .. And if found at very high prices.

Marsa Alam is the closest area to it, and the journey from Port Ghalib Hotel to Hamatah is approximately two and a half hours by car.

It is said that the trip to Hamata is one of the most beautiful fishing trips and the real pleasure in practicing fishing hobby with fish in terms of size, type

and quantity.

To book please email info@marsaalamonline.com

Or telephone Emad 00201013039359